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    What is a Dominant Eye?

    Ok, I know you are probably thinking that you see pretty equally well out of both your eyes and one eye doesn’t have much better visuals than the other. Which in all due respect is a very good thing, especially when it comes to spotting game and judging distances. But in a hunting lingo having a dominant eye is a very good thing. Your dominant eye is the one that you prefer to see with. In most cases this is the right eye for right-handed people and thus the left eye for left-handed people. Having a dominant eye is very important because that is the eye that your brain automatically “wants to” use when aiming a gun or a bow. Knowing your dominant eye will be very important in knowing how you should practice or aim. Just keep in mind that just because you are right handed, you may still have a dominant left eye, so you may do everything else right-handed except for shoot a bow left-handed.


    This site gives a good example of how to determine your dominant eye.

    Below in the pic is my super awesome sister. I'm sure you can tell which is her dominant eye?

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