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Discussion in 'Backpacking' started by Lindsay, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hello All!
    This is such a neat site. I have lived in Arizona for almost a year now. My sister and brother recently visited and we went on a long hike in the Catalina Mountains. My sister got me thinking about all the necessary gear I should be packing. Does anyone have a lot of experience hiking in desert areas?

    Whats a good snake bite kit?
    What are the 4 most important things you pack when your headed out for a day hike in the desert?

    Thanks for you help!
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  2. I've never carried or used a snake bite kit. Perhaps I should look more into it, but mixed reviews make me nervous. I have read that they can cause more damage than good. However, I would highly recommend a GPS emergency locating device, such as a Spot Device. It's a hand held GPS device that allows you to send messages even if you're in some backcountry that doesn't have service. You can send messages saying you're okay or that you need immediate help. The messages can be sent to people you know or in immediate danger it can act as a 911 call and give your exact coordinates. For solo hunts or hiking it would definitely make me feel safer! :)
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  3. @Kallie Thats good to know, the snake bite kits do make me nervous. Maybe I will skip out on one of those and invest in a SPOT. That would make sense for so many more emergencies than just snakes. You can't put a price on life! I better go get one. Thanks again!
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  4. No problem Lindsay! Sometimes SPOT does a deal too where after purchasing you can send in a rebate where the actual device is free so all you're paying for is the annual membership to keep it running. So maybe check around for one of those deals???
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  5. Rihana Cary

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    @Lindsay and @Kallie I thought the same thing when when going on my antelope hunt in a desert area. I am TERRIFIED of snakes (Slowly getting over it :eek:) But after looking into it and speaking with a Doctor I work with Anti-venom is the only thing that can truly work (No suctioning it out, or lancing). Antivenom is not something that is over the counter either. Only available at a hospital. So if bitten get to a hospital as soon as you can! I invested in the spot device, and a good pair of Gators. Gators protect from your feet to your calves and a snake bites would have a hard time getting through them. I LOVE my spot. It just gives me and my family reassurance that I can get help if I need it. It doesn't just send distress signals it can send safe check ins to loved ones. It works great! Hope this helps and have such a great trip :)
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  6. McNay

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    I would know nothing about desert hunting but I 300% agree with @Kallie and @Rihana Cary about a SPOT. I have the one you can use with your smartphone and am able to send my worrywart dad a short types message from remote areas that we fly to that we have arrived safely!! Also, in the event of an extreme emergency, the phone is not required to send the SOS.
    I would also recommend a GPS. It's so easy to get turned around and confused! You never know where stalking and tracking is going to take you and in the excitement of the moment, if you stop paying attention you just might not be able to retrace your steps.
    If I ever go desert hunting, I'm getting me some gators! Eeeeeek
    Just to say I'm answering fully... My 4th item will be the weapon of choice! Lol
    Happy desert hunting @Lindsay!
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  7. Nicole Hobson

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    pack essentials: compass, map, GPS, fire starter, water and filter, knife, para chord, layers, vet wrap. These thing vary depending on the trip. Most importantly, make sure someone back home knows your plan! I don't have a SPOT. But have rented similar devices when on drop hunts in AK.
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