Walleye and Northern Pike Fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Gear' started by DaniB, May 12, 2015.

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    Good d'eh y'all! It's a splendid Tuesday here in Saskatchewan but I'm in a jam! Ya see I'm headed up to Northern Saskatchewan here in three days to go bear hunting and do some Walleye and Northern Pike fishing in between. Every year my brother and I have a little contest to see who can catch the most fish, and let's just say I do a lot of "fishing" but very little "catching." This year I want to let my brother know that the tides have turned in my favour and cut off his fish catching frenzy. I have talked to Pro Fishing Lady Ashley Rae, but I'm wondering if you ladies have any suggestions, ideas, or tips as to what I can do to catch me some big Walleye or Northern Pike? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I am by no means a good or reliable source of advice for fishing (lol) but one of the best tactics here in Northern Ontario fishing for walleye in lakes is SLOW trolling using a bottom bouncer and spinner rig with worms harness…this time of year using minnows (I'm not sure bout Sask laws on live bait usage) in current…so creeks and rivers in/out of the lake. Leeches are always a killer too later in the season, I've never tried them early. Pike I think I can catch anywhere sometimes haha… but usually weedy shorelines do best with nothing more than daredevils. Best of luck and hope no matter if you're fishing or catching, you are having a blast!!! (ok I won't lie…kick his butt!!!) ;)
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    haha! Thanks @McNay! That's awesome advice. I especially like then ending part in the parentheses! I will have to see what the laws are here in Sask regarding live bait. I'm not sure at the moment. I know we have used frozen dead minnows before but will have to see what they say about live swimming ones. Thanks again! Good luck on your fishing this summer!

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