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Turkey Calls


What do you think is the best turkey call and why (easy to use, sound, functionality)? Do you choose a box call, slate call, mouth call, push and pull call, or something else when heading out? 

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For me, it’s a combination between a box call and a mouth call. The box call allows loud hen calls when beginning the hunt, and helps locate nearby males. When used right, it can produce great hen sounds, although, when the hunt gets more intense, your not always able to use two hands to use the box call. This is where the mouth call comes in handy; it also offers great sounds for close range turkeys. Purring and clucking softly when males are close by mimics a more approachable hen. 
The mouth call does take some time to practice and also to find the right fit for you, but it gives you the freedom of no hands when needed to pull the trigger! 
I’d still like to know more opinions, I’m always looking for ways to improve!

  1. Are there any pointers that you could give when using a mouth call? I have quite a few but, I have the hardest time with them. So much so that I just went to slate call and slate call only. But like you said its difficult when your trying to shoot.

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